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New clients receive 10 hours
consulting or developer time
for FREE with no obligation

  • New Site Builds
  • Fix Existing Bugs
  • Technical Site Audit
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We Are Your Unfair Magento Advantage

Loop Data builds and maintains advanced Magento ecommerce websites
with unmatched agility and tremendously-low total costs of ownership

We deliver enterprise-grade ecommerce solutions faster and cheaper than anyone else can.

Our battle-tested experience keeps your project out of the weeds.

  • We work with you to simplify and streamline your requirements to avoid unnecessary cost and complexity.
  • Any custom code or advanced integration is guided by a qualified senior ecommerce technical architect.
  • We've seen what grinds ecommerce system performance down and work with you to avoid the same pitfalls.

Many development shops will convey a few bits of information to their developers who proceed to write mountains of fragile code. The end result is usually a site that is prone to failure as it becomes slower more expensive to maintain over time.

Loop Data continually strives to keep our client's Magento systems as simple as possible, leaving them agile and performant over the long haul.

Our Ecommerce Solutions

Small & Medium Business

We have ecommerce solutions to fit budgets of all sizes. We choose the right tools for the job and don't make one-size-fits-all recommendations.

Enterprise-Level Builds

We have experience building large-scale ecommerce systems at affordable budgets by keeping even the biggest solutions simple.

Custom Development

We tell you how to improve your pages continuously so your traffic patterns trend upwards, not downwards, over time.

Advanced Integrations

We know how to connect advanced systems even if they don't have pre-made Magento extensions. We get and keep your data flowing smoothly!

Maintenance & Upgrades

We keep your site updated to maintain integrity and security, and to protect your investment by preventing degredation over time.

Ecommerce Operations

We assist with site operations and show you what's really happening in your site and on your servers with greater clarity than ever before.

Commerce changes quickly. Those who fail to adapt are eliminated.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
  - Albert Einstein

We have ecommerce solutions for small, medium and large-scale requirements. We specialize in many third-party integrations and systems to deliver end-to-end solutions that are "just right" for your organization.

Loop Data makes recommendations based solely on your long-term plan. We do not "push platforms" or recommend options based solely on what we already have in our toolkit.

And if what we do isn't a good match against your needs, we'll still make the proper recommendation and help you to find the right partner for guidance and support.

Breakthroughs in technology are disrupting online commerce and rendering the old ways obsolete

B2C and B2B buyers are finding product and making momentary purchase decisions like we've never seen in the history of commerce. If you aren't seen you are forgotten!

The traditional shopping cart experience itself is being challenged as consumers pre-arrange for instantaneous payment and fulfillment vehicles

Amazon and Google are increasing the barrier-of-entry to compete in the marketplace, creating a greater gap between winners and losers.

Liability for securing online transactions is higher than ever

We can help you satisfy the complex legal and regulatory requirements of selling online.

We secure your sites and servers to protect against theft of data, skimming of credit card numbers and a variety of other malicious activity commonly found on today's commerce sites.

Your customer's information is your liability. Ensure you have sufficient protections in place to safeguard against unauthorized disclosure or dissemination.


We love new clients! Please contact us for a FREE techincal site audit or a complimentary remediation of an issue you might be having on your existing Magento site.

Our Related Technologies

We are experts in many other technologies that augment, extend or replace Magento on select projects:

Content Management Systems

From Drupal to Wordpress, Backdrop to Grav, we are experts in pairing your store up with robust-yet-simple content systems to give you superior SEO results!

Shopify Plus

Sometimes you don't need the almost-infinite flexibility of Magento. We specilize in adding Magento-like behavior to the powerful Shopify Plus platform to deliver awesome shops fast!

Warehouse Management Systems

We have integrated with many enterprise-level WMS systems to provide two-way communication across all points in your fulfillment chain.

ERP and Accounting Integrations

We have decades of experience integrating with ERP and accounting systems to keep your whole system in balance across omni-channel sales and distribution.

Mageless PIM-Plus

Run your Magento site without even touching it! Mageless is a superior interface, like a master remote-control for your store!

4NZyx Web Analytics

Google Analytics only tells you part of the story. With 4NZyx you see everything! The hackers, the bots, the indexers... and what they are doing on your server!

Loop Data

Building cost-effective ecommerce solutions for clients of all sizes. Located in the Chicago Board of Trade building in the heart of downtown Chicago, nobody builds better value in ecommerce!

141 W Jackson Blvd
Suite 4213
Chicago, IL 60604

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